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Rosslyn Chapel - The Original Rosslyn Hotel - Roslin, Edinburgh

The village of Roslin sits on the west side of Roslin Glen, now a country park. Overlooking the Glen are Rosslyn Chapel and Roslin Castle. The Village also boasts a Royal Mail Post Office, a Local Convenience store, Supermarket and Local Park. Roslin also has a regular bus service in and out of the city centre. In the surrounding area there is local retail outlets including Ikea, there is also a Park and Ride to the city centre.

Once you get past the debate of the place with two names, Roslin and Rosslyn, there are many ways to spend your time whilst visiting the hotel and surrounding area.

Rosslyn Chapel & Roslin Castle

The elaborately carved Rosslyn Chapel has long been associated with the Knights Templar and the Grail legend, and featured in the best selling book The Da Vinci Code. The popularity of the book and the use of the chapel as a location in the subsequent film greatly increased the number of visitors to the village.

Roslin Caslte, owned by the family of the Earl of Rosslyn since the 14th century, is in partial ruins. The inhabitable parts are let as holiday accommodation. The Earl chooses to leave the responsibility of looking after the keys to his castle and nearby residence Collegehill House to us, here at The Original Rosslyn Hotel.

The Roslin Institute

On the north-western side of the village is Roslin Institute, a biological research establishment, where in 1996 Dolly the sheep became the first animal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell.

The Home of Bovril

John Lawson Johnston the inventor of Bovril, was born in Roslin in 1839.

A Bit of History

roslin castle - The Original Rosslyn Hotel - Roslin, Edinburgh

The name Roslin (c. 1240 Roskelyn) probably derives from the P-Celtic words ros, a moor, and celyn, holly. An alternative derivation from Gaelic words describing the Glen’s features: Ross meaning a rocky promontory and Lynn meaning a waterfall or pool is also often given [1]. The theory that it is a corruption of Roseline, a supposed early medieval meridian passing through Paris and Rosslyn Chapel [2] is fanciful, yet adds to the villages mystic.

Legend has it the village of Roslin was founded in 203 A.D. by Asterius, a Pict.

In 1303 Roslin was the site of a battle of the First War of Scottish Independence.

Roslin became important as the seat of the St. Clair family. In 1456 King James II granted it the status of a burgh. Coal mining has been a major occupation from the twelfth to the late twentieth centuries.

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If you are visiting any of these local attractions, or just want a relaxing break in the country, with the city centre on your door-step, then the Original Rosslyn Hotel makes a perfect base.

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